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Nature Excursions & Wellness Classes

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Nature Excursions

Our daily adventures combine exercise and immersion in the healing power of nature. Swimming in the healing ocean waters of Kauai, known for their restorative properties and mineral content, lets you connect with marine life, such as tropical fish, and wonder at the colors of the coral reef. Hiking in the rainforests to magical waterfalls and the majestic mountains provides a grounding, calming effect. Examples of the adventure excursions that will inspire awe, quiet the mind and invigorate the body:

Swim & Snorkel on Kauai's Beautiful White Sand Beaches

Tunnels BeachOur Secret Falls Retreat Center is just a few miles from some of the most beautiful white sand beaches on Kauai. We can snorkel or swim and Lydgate Beach, swim or boogie board at Kealia Beach, and take a lovely stroll or bike ride on the new beachfront path or swim at Kapaa Beach Park.

We'll also spend an afternoon on the North Shore of Kauai, snorkeling at the best site in all of Hawaii for amazing fish and coral sightings, Tunnels Beach, then visit Hanalei Bay for a fantastic sunset with Bali Hai in the background, followed by dinner at one of Hanalei Town's fine restaurants.


Hiking On KauaiHiking in Hawaii's Most Scenic Spots

Our adventure options will include hiking Kauai's majestic NaPali Cliffs along the famous Kalalau trail to Hanakapiai Beach, with nature guide Steve Backinoff, PT, for two miles of breathtaking coastal views ending at a perfect white-sand beach.

Another fabulous, yet easier hike, starts just a mile from the Retreat Center, taking us up Sleeping Giant Mountain for a 180-degree view of the Coconut Coast of Kauai.



Lomi Message

Experience a Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Feel like Hawaiian royalty, with an authentic Temple-style Lomi Lomi massage, that releases tension in body, mind and spirit. Lomi therapy used long, fluid strokes to knead away tight muscles and assist in the flow of healing energy throughout your body for fast recovery from stress or muscle tension. A Lomi massage at the Secret Falls Retreat Center is included in your registration fee.

An optional excursion is available to Aunty Angeline's Hawaiian healing center which offers a complete steam, salt scrub and massage. Her two steam baths afford a great detoxification as you are scrubbed with Kauai red clay and alai salt. Following a rest on the sun deck, you will be treated to a deep-tissue, coconut oil Lomi Lomi massage by skilled practitioners in this ancient art.

Immerse Yourself at Manifest Falls on our Kayaking Adventure

Kayak in KauiWe'll have the chance to actually soak under Secret Falls, which we can view from the Retreat Center. It is also called "Manifest Falls" because of the extraordinary energy there that helps you attract more of what you'd like in your life.

We'll learn how to go with the flow as we kayak up the Wailua River, then hike through lush rainforest to discover one of Hawaii's most beautiful falls, with a natural swimming pool.


We'll enjoy a healthy picnic seated by the edge of the falls, then make our way back to the Retreat Center for relaxing yoga stretches, a soak in the hot tub, swim, or nap.

Cruise to Fern Grotto

If you'd like a less strenuous, but still fun river-going adventure, we offer an optional Wailua River cruise to Fern Grotto, a natural wonder of Kauai, where there is a short walking tour and the cruise staff entertains with beautiful Hawaiian storytelling, music and dance.



Huna Mind Body HealingHuna Mind/Body Healing

The body does not distinguish between physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stress –- your body responds with pain. You will learn to listen to your body and to heal on all levels, with powerful techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Hawaiian Huna healer, Serge Kahili King, PhD, has combined the best of Hawaiian mind-body medicine into "Dynamind," a technique incorporating words, images and touch for "instant healing." You'll  feel the tension and pain dissolve when we teach you this simple yet profound Dynamind technique.

You'll also practice Kahi Loa, a Hawaiian massage treatment using visualizations and massage strokes that work with the power of nature to relieve stress and muscle tension. Kahi is a form of "Healing Touch," that you can perform on yourself or others, seating or lying down, fully clothed. It has been used for generations, developed by the Kahili family.


Kalana Hula

Kalana Hula - a combination of Lua, a Hawaiian martial art, and the hula. Imagery and movement are used to commune with the forces of nature and create harmony in your environment.

Once you’ve raised your energy doing Kalana Hula, you will have the perfect opportunity to visualize what you would like to manifest in your day or your life. Developed by Serge Kahili King, PhD.


Enjoy the ancient art of moving into stillness and restful awareness. You’ll learn a gentle Vinyasa Flow and restorative form of yoga from John Rettger, PhD, RYT,  appropriate for all levels of experience and fitness.

These classes will offer a solid foundation for a regular yoga practice that will enable you to better manage any stress that comes your way in daily life. The stronger and better balanced your body is to begin with, the less likely you will be affected by muscle tension and pain due to stress.

The Power Within

Meditation and other tools will help you tap into your hidden energy reserves and learn to replenish them. You’ll practice mindful meditation to release stress, and relieve chronic pain, while increasing harmony on the spiritual level, and bringing you to a place of inner peace and knowing.


When under stress, most people unconsciously take rapid, shallow breaths, resulting in headaches, backaches, neck pain, cold hands and feet, and other discomforts. You’ll learn to counteract stress with several effective diaphragmatic breathing techniques.

In addition to yogic and meditative breathing techniques, you will learn Piko-Piko Breathing, an ancient Hawaiian method to move energy through the body and relieve pain or tension. Other styles of deep breathing, including one which has been shown to reduce temporary blood pressure elevation, will also be explored.


Ann teaching at HHG

Nutrition to Increase Energy &
Fuel Your Brain

Guidelines for mindful eating will help you use the power of your mind and spirit to achieve your health goals. You’ll learn the principles of a balanced diet and how it can be used to manage or prevent disease, increase energy, and optimize weight, blood sugar and blood pressure. 

You’ll also learn easy and smart “power snack” options to reduce fatigue, eliminate cravings for fast food fixes, and improve your brain’s focus and alertness throughout your day.

Anti-Aging Strategies & Disease Prevention

Natural approaches to management of diabetes, heart disease and many common stress-related diseases will be covered, including a compilation of the latest research findings on these subjects.


Healing Circles

Learn to use group energy for self-healing, stress reduction and distance healing of others from facilitators skilled in Hawaiian shamanism.

Natural Lifestyle for Optimal Health

We'll recommend and provide samples of natural products to reduce the toxic chemical load that can stress your system at home, at work and on the road. We'll provide samples of these products so you can feel the difference for yourself.




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